CPAP masks for beards

10 Best CPAP Masks For Beards

          10 Best CPAP Masks for Beards

If you have sleep apnea and want to use a CPAP mask but having a beard might make things complicated. Are you thinking of shaving? You don’t really need to remove your beard for your sleep apnea treatment. You don’t need to shave off your beard and mustache to wear a CPAP mask for sleep apnea treatment.

You may think again that proper treatment is not possible without removing the beard. Advancement in technology has made it possible to keep a beard and get treated for sleep apnea.

We reviewed some great products with effective seals that does that effect your CPAP treatment if you hav a beard or mustache. .

ResMed AirTouch F20


If you are suffering from sleep apnea and in a hurry to buy the most comfortable CPAP mask then F20 should be on your list!

The F20 is one of the best CPAP masks in the market because of its effectiveness and it has good reviews from users.

The comfort is not the only feature. This mask is packed with features. The mask uses Memory foam technology. The mask features AirTouch ultrasoft quality.

The memory foam used makes it able to adjust to the user’s face.

Flexibility is another amazing feature of the mask.The frame will be an easy adaptation to your face and head. The F20 mask is a product of vitality when comfortability is the primary purpose.

The mask can be easily disconnected without removing the tube. Quick-release elbow makes it easy to get up and down without any disruption of disconnecting.

  This mask is ideal for smaller faces.


  • A comfortable approach is the focus of the mask.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Strong seal through the use of memory foam cushion.
  • Use of magnetic headgear in clips to make it easy in taking on and off.
  • ‘For her’ technology use to cover the maximum face.


  • Cushion necessary to be changed every 30 days.
  • Expensive.

ResMed AirFit P10


The P10 is designed in a simple design. Simplicity is one of the ranking factors for any mask. The simple design is makes the user thinks he is barely wearing the mask!

Therefore, if the user has a long and thick beard, this is the mask for him.

Elastic straps are used in their construction and don’t add any tightness to the user’s head. Key clips are used on both sides of the mask making the user able to remove headgear in no time.

The mask comes in four different sizes. The smallest size comes in an extra small size. The nasal pillows have soft silicon which makes it easier to get quality air through the upper airways.

The mask is also quite easy to clean and maintain. On the bottom of the mask, there are mesh vents. These vents adds to the quietness of the mask without creating any disturbance for your partner.

Its simple design even sets well with men who have a heavy beard because it can adjust to the beard without damage to the seal. Its major drawback like in many other products is when the machine is set at high pressure settings, sometimes it can start to leak.


  • 50% more exhaling air than leading nasal masks.
  • Durable and ultra-light Flexi-tube
  • Assembling, cleaning, and fitting, etc. is quite easy to perform.
  • Slipping on and off is quite easy.
  • Trampoline actions make it comfortable.
  • Three different sizes are available.


  • Some people have reported to have a feeling of “suffocation”

ResMed Mirage FX


It is on our list as one of the softest masks. This mask is lightweight and it has a simple design. It is designed in a simple way to provide absolute ease to the user. The frame may be the lightest one you can find. Its softness doubles the comfort level along with lightness.

This mask is a high-quality product and you will probably be surprised to see its price.

The mask is easy to assemble, and cleaning the mask is a simple process. Moreover, a quick-release elbow is used in the mask making it quite easy for the user to detach yourself from it with great ease.

You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows without having any disturbance.


  • Mask is designed to offer maximum lighness and softness.
  • FX is built on the concept of offering a good line of sight.
  • Mask designed in four parts to make it easy in assembling and cleaning.
  • It is having compatibility to work with all CPPA and BiPAP machines.
  • Allows gentle and quiet expending of air.


  • Noisy than that of many other masks.
  • Leakage around the bridge of the nose of the user.

DreamWear Full Face


DreamWear is one of the best masks in the list of those with extraordinary production from Philips Respironics. It is built up with under nose cushions instead of the traditional way of cushions as triangular ones. The same hollow silicone frame is used in this mask like many other Dreamwear products.

Tubing is added to the elbow connector and airflow occurs through the frame..

Four sizes are offered to make it easy for users with beards. The simple design makes it easy to clean and maintain. Overall guys with beards will find this mask best to meet their needs.


  • The line of sight is quite clear.
  • Best for all sides, stomach, and active sleepers.
  • Magnetic clips are used at the bottom of the mask.
  • The hose connection is uniquely built.
  • The hollow frame is designed with a supportive headgear.
  • Fewer parts are used in its built-up structure in minimalist design.


  • Expensive.

ResMed Mirage Quattro


This mask is the fourth generation of the full-face masks from RedMed to treat patients of sleep apnea. Four generations of the developments have made Mirage a leading CPAP mask.

MicroFit dial is used to make it an absolute fit for almost 100% users.

The mask fit makes you feel like it is a tailor-made product because it comes in many sizes.

Dual-wall cushion technology offers super control. This means that the seal will be intact without the mask being tight on your face. This technology will allow the user to move freely around in sleep.

Ease of use should be a priority in all masks but unfortunately, it is not. Users only need to find their fit. this mask does not require you to reset. The mask maintains it settings. It is a great mask to offer optimal treatment.


  • Mask is quite easy to use even for first-time users.
  • Quattro offers the best fit.
  • Clips are used in attaching the mask to headgear making it easy to remove.
  • Avoids hindrance of a lot of adjustments.
  • Four sizes are available to the ease of the user.
  • The polycarbonate of high quality is used in its construction.


  • Lacks the handling of changes in pressure.
  • Heavier than many other masks in the market.
  • Sometimes discomfort during use with CPAP machines.

Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue


ComfortGel is a creation from Phillips Respironics. This mask gets rave reviews from Phillips customers.

The comfort level provided by ComfortGel is like no other. The gel cushion of the mask is added to the silicone flap of comfort to provide more comfort to the user.

The use of silicone comfort flap in the cushion clip makes it less posed to superficial deterioration of the mask over a period of time. Moreover, it creates the best seal making it able to offer absolute benefits to the user. 

Advance diffusion makes this mask extremely quiet. It doesn’t blow air on the user or partner. Air is directed to go away instead of moving down to the user. Many other masks make users aware that the air is blowing on them.

The mask has a swivel base that makes it easy for the mask to move with the person. This feature can help the user get a good nights sleep.

The disconnecting process is at great ease because of quick-release tabs. Its only drawback as said by users is its availability on in one blue color.


  • Use of silicone flip to make less damage over the period of time.
  • The advanced diffusion process makes it the least noisy.
  • The squared movement to offer absolute positional changes the whole night.


  • Only available in blue color.

Philips Respironics DreamWear Gel Pillows


Comfort gel is used in this mask making it able to provide an absolutely comfortable feel to the user even those with an active sleeping position.

The head connector makes the mask lighter weight and its flexibility will think you are not wearing anything. The slim design reduces the mask from hurting your face. This mask also provides the user with a good line of sight.

So, there will no hindrance in TV watching or reading. This is an amazing product if you are not restricted to any treatment or no need of 100% precision.


  • The tubing of the mask is connected at the top of the head.
  • Least smothered and absolute freedom during sleep.
  • Absolute love for those who are put off by full-face masks.
  • Flexible use of a head connector.
  • Connection to the is of lightweight making users feel no pressure.
  • Great reduction in facial soreness because of skinny design.


  • Not a full-face mask.

ResMed Mirage Liberty


Liberty is a hybrid mask. It offers maximum features with a great comfortable environment. Liberty is the most comfortable hybrid CPAP mask. The trampoline action of the nasal pillows are quite bouncy and make the prongs move independently.

So, it will stop the squashing up the situation in any position you are going to lay. Moreover, an effective seal is provided making it least exposed to any breach.

No chip strap will offer the absolute benefit of the hybrid mask. The dual wall mouth cushion makes it a highly comfortable and effective seal without making a chin strap necessary.

If you are a mover in your sleep this mask is the right one because the mask will stay in place. Users with beards or mustaches can use this mask because the mask will not slide because of the stability of head straps.

This mask has a simple design allowing for comfort. The parts of the mask are easy to clean and assemble. The mask is also easy to transport.


  • Independent move of the nasal prong along with less likely to be breached seal.
  • Hybrid mask with dual-wall mouth cushion and no chin strap.
  • Hybrid mask with an increased confort level
  • Provision of head straps to control the movement of the mask.
  • Least parts minimalist design to provide comfort with ease for transportation.


  • Flimsy use of elbow joint.

ResMed Quattro FX


The ResMed Quattro FX will work amazingly for a user with a fondness for nasal pillows masks. It is great for allergy season. When the weather is cold, the nose tends to get congested. This mask will allow you to breathe comfortably while wearing the mask.

Three different sizes are offered for this mask as small, medium, and large. The only issue with sizes is that there is no extra-small or extra-large masks.

If the size of your head is smaller or larger then you may have to buy extra headgear to fit your head. So you will need to make sure the adjustments on the headgear will fit your head.

This mask will put you at ease when you are doing things like going to the kitchen or bathroom in the middle of the night. You can easily take the mask off. It will perform perfectly for back sleepers and the side sleepers.If you are ann active sleeper, look for masks that have a swivel headgear.


  • Effective treatment for those who suffer from sleep apnea.
  • Durable material is used in its construction.
  • Putting on and off is quite easy along with the easiest cleaning process.
  • Mask is of lightweight to provide users with great sleep at night.
  • Use is quite comfortable and different sizes are offered in the product.


  • Mask gets become unengaged for some users

Philips Respironics Pico Nasal Mask


We see a lot of guys with beards and mustaches. Mask wearing can be a daunting task when people have beards. Philips Respironics Pico Nasal Mask is the perfect mask for men with mustaches and beards. Its small cushion is able to cover the nostrils without much discomfort.

The PICO Nasal Mask encloses space with a tight seal without compromising the facial hair. It is equipped with dual wall design making it able to protect the mask from any kind of leakage.

It does this job without putting pressure on the bridge of the nose. This prevents the bruising on the noses that often accompany the wearing of CPAP masks.

The use of Velcro tabs makes this headgear totally adjustable. The taking off the mask is quite easy because of the provision of quick release clips and the removable swivel. It takes the least amount of time to take it off and on.

This mask is suitable to any user irrespective of their amount of facial hair. The nasal cushion is of compact design and ensures stability to the mask by maintaining a good seal. Its design doesn’t make any hindrance to the line of sight of the user.

Its only major downside is its Velcro tape. Velcro tape used on the headgear may ultimately start losing its grip. It might the mask prone to sliding off. It might not be a big issue for many but it needs to be considered.


  • Equipped to offer maximum capability irrespective of the amount of facial hair.
  • There will no bruising the face or nose.
  • Removing is quite easy for cleaning purposes.
  • Headgear is designed to offer adjustments.
  • Mask doesn’t have any impact on the line of sight of the user.


  • The Velcro tape used on the headgear of the mask doesn’t show much resilience.
  • Noisy.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best machines for your needs when you are having a beard is a challenging task. When you are deciding on buying a CPAP mask for a beard then there are few considerations that need to be made.


Noise is one of the primary considerations in buying a mask. Users need to consider that the mask should not be making enough noise to create disturbance for a partner. Technology has done a lot in this respect but still, it is important to consider the noise condition of the mask.

Many devices are made to offer the least amount of noise. This feature is needed because you want to be considerate of your partner if you have one. So, noise must be calculated before buying a mask.


Men with beards should consider the portability factor. Those men who need to wear a mask all night, need to have a a confortble mask. Travelers should take this into consideration when buying a mask.

Online vs Offline

Online marketing is in high demand and it’s grooming every day. Sometimes, you may find the best mask in your visit to the store at a lower price but it may not have a warranty or it may be a used one.

You may also look at online purchase but you have to be careful and buy only through a certified dealer.


Getting a quality mask is a dawning situation for almost everybody. Your consideration will be to have a mask that can perform better for the whole night.

You want a mask that will provide a good quality sleep at the same time you want it to last for a long time.
To get what you are looking for from masks then go for two best brands around the world: Philips Respironics and Resmed products. These two companies are known for their respiratory quality care.


If you are going to buy a mask that will suit your beard then we will recommend you buy the mask that offers multiple sizes.

Pressure Relief

Exhaling is the most important factor in the breathing process through masks. Pressure relief makes the process of exhaling quite at ease. It makes exhaling quite comfortable. Settings are offered in masks and the user sets it to his own needs.

So, it is quite important to consider pressure relief for a better sleeping experience. We hope you will find our efforts quite useful in your search for the best mask for your beard and mustaches.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative when you have a beard to find the right mask. If you buy the wrong masks, your wallet will definitely feel it.

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